Do You Qualify for Any of November’s Class-Action Settlements?

Are you eligible to claim some cash?

Several class action lawsuit settlements — involving brands such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, DevaCurl, Honda and Coppertone — have claim deadlines in November.

Read on to find out if you qualify. Cases are listed in order of deadlines to file, with the earliest dates being listed first.

Blue Cross Blue Shield $2.67B Settlement

Those who were covered by certain Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) health insurance or administrative services plans may be eligible to claim part of a $2.6 billion settlement.

The Class is made up of anyone who was covered by certain BCBS health insurance or administrative services plans between February 2007 and October 2020. Dependents, beneficiaries, and non-employees are not eligible Class Members.

Plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit had accused BCBS of working with others in an attempt to limit market competition throughout the United States.

The amount of the individual Class Members’ payments will depend on several factors, including the number of claims filed, the premiums the Class Member paid, and whether the insurance was fully insured or self-funded.

Claims must be submitted by Nov. 5, 2021.

Move Free Advanced False Advertising $50M Class Action Settlement

Anyone who purchased certain Move Free Advanced joint health supplements may be able to claim about $66 without proof of purchase thanks to a $50 million class action settlement.

The Class is made up of anyone who purchased Move Free Advanced or the Move Free Advanced Plus MSM or Plus MSM & Vitamin D varieties, other than solely for purposes of resale, between May 28, 2015, and June 24, 2021, within the United States and its territories.

Plaintiffs alleged the supplement’s maker, Reckitt Benckiser, advertised the products as being able to provide joint health benefits they could not actually provide.

Under the terms of the settlement, Class Members may be eligible to claim an award of $22 per bottle purchased.

File your claim by Nov. 8, 2021.

Vivid Seats $7.5M Event Cancellation Class Action Settlement, Deadline Extension

Anyone who purchased tickets through Vivid Seats to events canceled because of the pandemic may be able to file a claim in a $7.5 million settlement.

The Class includes all persons or entities residing in the United States, its territories, or Canada, who at any time on or before April 1, 2021, bought a ticket through Vivid Seats to an event that, at any point between Sept. 29, 2016, and April 1, 2021, was cancelled or was postponed or rescheduled and has not yet occurred.

Plaintiffs had accused Vivid Seats of retroactively discontinuing its long-standing “100% Buyer Guarantee,” which provides ticket buyers with a legally required full cash refund, early in the pandemic.

Class Members may file claims either for a credit or a cash payment.

The deadline to file a claim has been extended to Nov. 10, 2021.

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EpiPen $345M Class Action Settlement

Pfizer Inc. and other defendants have agreed to a $345 million settlement in an EpiPen class action lawsuit.

The Class is made up of any person or entity in the United States who paid or provided reimbursement for some or all of the purchase price of branded or authorized generic EpiPens for the purpose of consumption — not resale — by themselves, their family, insureds, plan participants, employees, or beneficiaries, at any point between Aug. 24, 2011, and Nov. 1, 2020, and did not exclude themselves from the Class.

A 2017 EpiPen class action lawsuit claimed Pfizer and others plotted to maintain EpiPen’s monopoly on the market by issuing rebates to insurers and Medicaid plans that refused to cover the drug’s competitors.

Class Members’ individual payments will be a portion of their respective funding pool to be determined by their allowed claim compared to the total allowed claims of all Class Members in that same pool who also submit a valid claim.

Claims must be submitted by Nov. 12, 2021.

Coppertone Mineral-Based Sunscreen $2.25M Class Action Settlement

If you bought certain Coppertone mineral-based sunscreens, you may be eligible to claim up to $10 without proof of purchase thanks to a $2.25 million class action settlement.

The Class is made up of retail consumers who purchased in the United States one or more of the following Coppertone products for personal use, not resale, before Sept. 17, 2021, that had the words “mineral-based” on the label: Coppertone Water Babies Pure & Simple, Coppertone Kids Tear Free, and Coppertone Sport Face.

Plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit had alleged the products were misleadingly labeled because they actually contained chemical active ingredients in addition to mineral active ingredients.

Without proof of purchase, Class Members may claim $2.50 for up to four qualifying products purchased, a total of $10 per household.

With proof of purchase, Class Members may receive $2.50 for each qualifying product purchased, with no limit.

File your claim by Nov. 17, 2021.

Honda Infotainment Issues Class Action Settlement

Honda owners and lessees who experienced problems with their vehicle’s infotainment system may be eligible to take part in a class action settlement.

All current owners and lessees of a 2018 or 2019 Honda Odyssey vehicle (Elite, EX, EX-L, EX-LNR or Touring trim), a 2019 Honda Pilot vehicle (2EX-LNR, 2TRG, 2TRG 7P, 4Elite, 4EX, 4EX-L, 4EX-LNR, 4TRG or 4TRG 7P trim), or a 2019 Honda Passport (2EX-L, 2TRG, 4Elite, 4EX-L, or 4TRG trim) who reside in and who purchased or leased their vehicles (other than for purposes of resale or distribution) in the United States, Puerto Rico, and all U.S. territories, and former owners and lessees of Class Vehicles who submit a claim are considered Class Members, as are all U.S. military personnel who purchased a Class Vehicle during military duty.

Plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit alleged they had experienced Honda infotainment issues, such as frequent freezes and failure to connect to devices. They alleged these issues were caused by software and hardware defects, and that American Honda Motor Co. should have either disclosed those defects before selling the vehicles or remedied them under warranty.

Class Members may file claims for reimbursement for battery-recharging costs incurred as a result of a car battery that drained because the vehicle’s infotainment system did not turn off when it should have, as well as claims for qualifying transportation costs incurred if they returned a Class Vehicle two or more times to an authorized dealer for a repair of certain infotainment system symptoms.

Claims must be submitted no later than Nov. 19, 2021.

DevaCurl Hair Loss, False Ad $5.2M Class Action Settlement

Claim up to $20 without proof of purchase thanks to a $5.2 million DevaCurl settlement.

Anyone who purchased and/or used any of the covered products in the United States between Feb. 8, 2008, and Aug. 29, 2021, is considered part of the Class.

A list of the covered products can be found on the settlement website.

A class action lawsuit alleged the DevaCurl made consumers’ hair fall out and caused scalp irritation. The company also allegedly misrepresented the products.

The amount of each Class Member’s payout will vary up to $18,000, depending on which tier their claim belongs to.

Claims must be submitted no later than Nov. 21, 2021.

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Vanilla Flavoring $2.6M Class Action Settlement

If you purchased certain Blue Diamond Almond Breeze vanilla almond milk or other products, you may be eligible to make a claim with or without proof of purchase in a $2.6 million class action settlement.

The Class includes all consumers in the United States who purchased the affected products between April 15, 2014, and May 17, 2021.

Allegedly, Blue Diamond tricked consumers into thinking Almond Breeze yogurt products were flavored using real vanilla by misrepresenting the ingredients used to create the vanilla flavor.

Class Members who do not have proof of purchase may make a claim to receive $0.50 for each affected product they purchased, up to 10, for a maximum possible payment of $5.

Those who have proof of purchase will be eligible to receive $1 for each affected product purchased, up to 20, for a maximum possible payment of $20.

Payments may be adjusted depending on the number of claims filed. Only one claim may be made per household.

The claim form deadline is Nov. 23, 2021.

People ride a roller coaster while wearing face masks at Six Flags.
Two children wearing face masks react as a roller coaster departs a station at Six Flags Magic Mountain on its first day of reopening to members and pass holders in Valencia, Calif., Thursday, April 1, 2021. Jae C. Hong/AP Photo

Six Flags Season Pass COVID-19 Closure Refunds Class Action Settlement

U.S. consumers who paid for a monthly membership for their local Six Flags park during the COVID-19 closures may be able to take advantage of a free membership offer thanks to a class action settlement.

The Class includes consumers with season passes who paid for a Six Flags monthly membership in the United States during the time their Six Flags Home Park was closed because of the coronavirus pandemic. The eligible time period is March 13, 2020, through Sept. 10, 2021. Class Members must not have received Six Flags season pass refunds for the full amount of their charges in order to be eligible to take part in this settlement.

Plaintiffs had claimed Six Flags season pass holders were still charged while the parks were closed during the pandemic and Six Flags did not refund Class Members’ membership fees.

Class Members may claim free months of membership, gift cards, reward points, or other benefits, depending on their membership status.

Claim forms are due by Nov. 24, 2021.

Harbor Freight Chainsaw Settlement

Consumers who bought certain chainsaws from Harbor Freight may be eligible to receive replacement products or up to $50 in cash or gift cards.

The Class includes anyone in the United States or its territories who purchased Portland, Chicago Electric, or One Stop Gardens 14-inch electric chainsaws (SKU Nos. 67255 or 61592) from Harbor Freight stores between March 11, 2011, and Feb. 6, 2018.

Harbor Freight Tools USA Inc. allegedly sold defective chainsaws that were subject to a recall.

Each Class Member’s payout will depend on their choice of benefits and whether they provide proof of purchase or proof of destruction of the covered products.

The claim deadline is Nov. 24, 2021.

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